Zeotech Plans To Scale Up High Reactivity Metakolin Production

Zeotech Ltd (ASX: ZEO) has completed the planned test pit at its high-grade Toondoon kaolin project near Mundubbera in Queensland.

The test pit was initiated on the fully permitted ML 80126 and has produced 35 tonnes of high-grade raw kaolin.

It was commissioned to provide additional feedstock to produce larger quantities of high reactivity metakaolin (HRM).

Metakaolin is in demand

Test pit mining follows completion of a research program at Central Queensland University announced in April 2024.

The program highlighted that HRM, which exceeds Australian Standard and ASTM International standard for manufactured pozzolan, can be produced from Toondoon’s kaolin.

Metakaolin is in demand as a supplementary cementitious material (SCM) to partially substitute clinker in Portland cement.

It also has the potential to replace conventional SCMs such as fly ash and blast furnace slag that are increasing in cost and decreasing in availability.

Pilot trials with industry

The company’s increased quantities of high reactivity metakaolin are expected to lead to pilot trials with the cement and concrete industry.

The 35 tonnes of kaolin has already been transported to a processing facility in Brisbane, Queensland.

The kaolin will undergo simple processing (milling and classifying) before being bagged for easier handling.

The bagged product will then be transferred to a separate facility where it will undergo calcination to produce the targeted high reactivity metakaolin products.

“Pursuing commercial pathways”

Zeotech Chief Executive Officer Scott Burkhart said: “We are pleased to be advancing development of a high reactivity metakaolin (HRM) with the successful completion of the test pit at the company’s Toondoon kaolin project.

“With the calcination process imminent, we look forward to extending our engagement with industry in the coming months, and pursuing commercial pathways that could catalyse high reactivity metakaolin production in Australia”



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