Wildcat Resources Makes Significant Lithium Discovery at Tabba Tabba Project

Wildcat Resources Ltd (ASX: WC8) has discovered a thick mineralised repetition at its Tabba Tabba Lithium Project near Port Hedland in Western Australia.

Drilling beneath the previously known Leia deposit intersected a lithium mineralised zone named the “Luke Pegmatite”.

Highlight results from Luke include 41 metres at 1.0% Li2O (lithium oxide) from 267 metres.

Wildcat Geology Manager Torrin Rowe said: “The blind discovery of another thick mineralised pegmatite at Luke confirms the ongoing exploration potential at Tabba Tabba.”

Nearology play

Diamond drilling at Leia continues to return other impressive results as well, including 68 metres at 1.4% Li2O from 337 metres.

Tabba Tabba is near some of the world’s largest hard-rock lithium mines – Pilbara Minerals Ltd’s (ASX: PLS) 414Mt Pilgangoora Project and Mineral Resources Ltd’s (ASX: MIN) 259Mt Wodgina Project.

Wildcat acquired the Tabba Tabba project less than 12 months ago and started drilling in July 2023.

Since then, the company has aggressively explored the area, completing nearly 74,000 metres of drilling.

Seven significant pegmatite bodies

The exploration efforts at Tabba Tabba have defined a 3.2 kilometre long LCT (lithium-cesium-tantalum) pegmatite field.

This field holds at least seven significant pegmatite bodies, including Leia, Luke, Boba, Chewy, Tabba Tabba, Han, and Hutt.

Focus on Leia deposit

Since resuming drilling in mid-January, Wildcat has drilled 53 diamond holes and 52 RC holes for a total of 30,121 metres.

Most of this drilling has been focussed on the major Leia deposit which is now 2.2 kilometres long, with mineralisation from surface and continuing down plunge.

Currently, four drill rigs are focused on defining the geometry and extents of the Luke Pegmatite, with exploration of Leia and other targets ongoing.

Next steps

  • Aggressively explore the Luke Pegmatite discovery to understand its scale and geometry;
  • ongoing drilling of the major Leia Pegmatite to continue to develop geological understanding in preparation for resource modelling;
  • planning for maiden drill programs at Bolt Cutter East and Pilgangoora North; and
  • progress permitting and evaluation studies for Tabba Tabba.




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