Wide Open Agriculture Produces Pea And Faba Protein Isolates Using Unique Process

Wide Open Agriculture Ltd (ASX:WOA) has successfully developed functionally enhanced protein isolates from both pea and faba using its proprietary technology.

The protein isolates were developed in WOA’s R&D laboratory and produced in its pilot plant in Perth, Australia.

This development is the first successful adaptation of WOA’s technology that is currently used to produce the plant-based Buntine Protein®.

These functionalised versions have the potential to offer superior performance in several areas, including better taste and enhanced solubility, all of which are crucial attributes for creating high-quality food and beverage products.

Meeting evolving needs

WOA CEO Matthew Skinner said: “We are thrilled to introduce our new pea and faba proteins.

“Our proprietary eco-friendly, non-chemical process has enabled us to develop superior products that meet the evolving needs of food manufacturers globally.

“This innovation not only enhances our protein portfolio but also opens up exciting commercial opportunities. We look forward to showcasing these advancements at the IFT event in Chicago.”

Market potential

Protein isolates refer to protein that has been separated and extracted from its source.

The pea and faba protein markets are large and established, valued at ~USD$2.1 billion and USD$56.7 million respectively.

Climate change, a growing global population and scarcity of new agricultural land means the development of palatable, affordable and sustainably produced plant-based proteins is becoming increasing critical.

Plant proteins have traditionally presented challenges in food manufacturing, including how they mix with other ingredients, their taste and the requirement for additives such as gums and sweeteners to function effectively.

The application of WOA’s exclusive technology to the protein isolate extraction process has proved effective in addressing these issues and creating a clean-tasting, high-functioning plant protein that can be used in food products without requiring these additional ingredients.



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