Western Yilgarn Drilling Targets Copper At Ida Holmes Junction Project

Western Yilgarn NL (ASX: WYX) is advancing its drilling program focused on copper targets at the Ida Holmes Junction Project in Western Australia.

Copper is in focus as supply uncertainties and an increase in global demand have resulted in a surge in the price of the base metal.

This was reflected in copper futures, which rose above US$10,000 on the LME on Friday to its highest level since April 2022.

Phase 4 drilling campaign

The Ida Holmes Junction Project is near two Tier 1 world-class nickel projects operated by BHP Group Ltd (ASX: BHP).

Western Yilgarn’s Phase 4 drilling campaign is testing for priority copper-nickel-PGE targets and LCT Pegmatite targets at Ida Holmes Junction.

The drilling campaign is ongoing, with 646 holes completed so far.

Meanwhile, Western Yilgarn reported a cash balance of A$1.65 million at the end of the March quarter.

“Keen to see the assay results”

Western Yilgarn GM Gavin Rutherford said: “We are extremely keen to see the assay results from this interim round of samples in the partially completed campaign.

“As the diagrams from our previous releases show, the identified Cu-Ni-PGE and LCT pegmatite prospectivity in the lease to the immediate north continues right up to and along the boundary of the recently granted lease E36/1066.”

Hells Gate prospect

While the drilling continues, the company’s auger geochemistry team has relocated to the “Hells Gate prospect” on lease E57/1235.

The team will complete geochemistry at Hells Gate relating to a potential copper target identified through previous rock and soil samples.

Western Yilgarn will also complete an airborne electro-magnetic survey by the end of June with contractor negotiations currently underway.



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