Volt Resources Starts Production Trials After Developing New Technology

Volt Resources Ltd (ASX: VRC) shares have surged after developing a technology for producing ultra-high purity graphite as a pre-cursor material for active anode material.


Graphite based Anode Active Material (AAM) is the largest component by weight of lithium ion batteries and relies on ultra-high purity (99.95%) graphite anode precursor material (pAAM).

To obtain such high purity, flake graphite is subjected to treatment with harsh chemicals (e.g., hydrofluoric acid, HF) or very high temperatures.

Volt has achieved a breakthrough by successfully producing about 1.5 kg of pAAM product using a non-HF and non-thermal graphite refining process.

Potential for early stage revenue

Volt Managing Director Prashant Chintawar said: “Leveraging our in-house knowledge and experience of producing purified graphite, we are already producing on-specification high value precursor active anode material for use in lithium-ion batteries.”

“This relatively low capital development cost process could lead to early stage revenue generation”.

Volta has applied for a US Provisional Patent titled “Low Cost HF Free Purification to Produce Battery Grade Graphite”.

The company’s shares surged 50% higher intra-day and were trading at A$0.006.

Next steps

This successful bench-scale production campaign has positive implications for the company as it could lead to revenue generation at low capital cost.

For example, a 10 ktpa graphite anode production plant’s estimated capital cost is over US$200 million while a 10 ktpa pAAM production plant is well below US$50 million.

Volt plans to monetise the pAAM product line which includes sampling to potential customers and, contingent upon funding, the design, construction, and commissioning of a pilot plant followed by a commercial scale plant.



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