Venture Minerals Welcomes New Managing Director Philippa Leggat

Venture Minerals Ltd (ASX: VMS) has appointed Non-Executive Director Philippa Leggat as Managing Director following Andrew Radonjic’s resignation.

Philippa is a mineral industry executive with over 20 years of experience in advancing domestic and international projects along the value chain.

She has served as an executive director and advisor to ASX-listed companies engaged in capital raising, exploration, development and project evaluation.

Philippa also has a track record of negotiating value-accretive project acquisitions.

Board experience

In addition to her advisory work, Philippa previously served in ASX-listed companies as CEO of Comet Resources, Executive Director of Geopacific Resources and Non-Executive Director of Kula Gold, and Ensurance Ltd.

She is a Non-Executive Director of Harena Resources, a private company that is focused on developing a large Ionic Clay Rare Earths Project in Madagascar.

Andrew Radonjic

Andrew started with Venture in 2006 and has been integral to the acquisition and development of the company’s portfolio of projects.

This culminated in the landmark discovery of the Jupiter Rare Earths Project in Western Australia.

During his 17-year tenure, Andrew helped navigate the business through difficult economic periods including the global financial crisis and Covid 19.

“Pivotal time for the company”

Venture Non-Executive Chair Tim Lindley said: “We are excited to be appointing Philippa Leggat as Managing Director at this is pivotal time for the company, where there is a clear opportunity to significantly advance the Jupiter Rare Earths Project, restructuring the company to best position VMS for opportunities in critical minerals, and create substantial shareholder value.

“We have a vision to make Venture one of the best rare earths and critical minerals companies in Australia. Philippa’s appointment is the next key step in that journey.”

Lindley said the company acknowledges Andrew’s 17 years of service as Technical Director and Managing Director.

“We thank him particularly for his valuable contribution in securing Jupiter for Venture shareholders and wish him all the best in his future endeavours,” added Lindley.



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