Venture Minerals Hits Record High Grade Rare Earth Intersection at Jupiter in WA

Venture Minerals Ltd (ASX: VMS) continues its valuation uptrend as drilling hit broad high-grade mineralisation at the Jupiter Rare Earths prospect in the Mid-West region of Western Australia.

Investors have latched on as the stock price has doubled in the last three weeks to around $0.026.


  • A record intersection of the critical rare earth elements Nd (Neodymium) and Pr (Praseodymium) of 5,056 ppm NdPr oxides, 3,824 ppm neodymium and 1,232 ppm praseodymium.
  • Drilling is delivering consistently high-grade zones of +2,000ppm TREO over 20 to 30 metre widths.
  • This second batch of assay results are from the recently completed Stage One Resource definition drill program.

Andrew Radonjic, managing director said, “The scale, high-grade nature of the results, and prime location of the project provide all the necessary ingredients to position Jupiter as a major Rare Earths discovery.”

Neodymium and praseodymium are significant inputs in the manufacture of permanent magnets for decarbonisation and defense applications.

Jupiter has good proximity to planned existing and planned infrastructure and processing plants.

These are Lynas’s existing and Iluka’s planned rare earth processing facilities.

The company’s other advantage is in delivering a cost-effective maiden resource of high-grade, critical REE minerals in a mining-friendly Western Australia.

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