Tryptamine Therapeutics Wraps Up Phase 2a Clinical Study Of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

Tryptamine Therapeutics Ltd (ASX:TYP) has completed the Phase 2a clinical study of TRP-8802 for treating fibromyalgia at the University of Michigan.

The trial started in January 2024 and seeks to evaluate TRP-8802 (oral psilocybin) in conjunction with psychotherapy in patients with fibromyalgia, a condition associated with widespread pain and tenderness.

The trial was undertaken by the University of Michigan, a top-ranked public university in the US in collaboration with Tryp.

Results presentation in August

During the trial, a total of five patients were dosed with TRP-8802 and administered psychotherapy to explore TRP8802’s utility in patients with fibromyalgia.

Researchers from the University of Michigan aim to present results from this study at the International Association of Pain Conference, which is being held in the Netherlands from 5 to 9 August this year.

This is expected to provide the company with exposure to industry experts, as well as potential collaborators and partners.

Potential advantages of TRP-8803

Potential advantages of Tryp’s IV-infused psilocin solution include a significant reduction in the time to onset of the psychedelic state and a more precise control of the depth and duration of the psychedelic experience.

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The results of the study will be used to inform additional clinical studies utilising TRP-8803.

Psychedelic assisted therapy

Tryp Chief Executive Officer Jason Carroll said: “We are very pleased to have completed this study and had the opportunity to collaborate with the University of Michigan.

“The University has extensive experience and expertise in the conduct of pain studies, with a particular focus on fibromyalgia and their involvement in this study highlights the potential for the Company’s offering.

“Up to 30% of US fibromyalgia patients may resort to the use of opioids to alleviate their pain and traditional treatment approaches only address the symptom, not its cause.

“Our firm belief is that the use of psychedelic assisted therapy can provide a significant benefit to these patients, which would focus on addressing the cause of their pain and not merely masking the symptom.”



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