Tryptamine Therapeutics Completes Maiden Dosing Of IV-Infused Psilocin

Tryptamine Therapeutics Ltd (ASX:TYP) has successfully and safely completed the world’s first participant dosing using TRP-8803 (IV-infused psilocin).

The patient was administered TRP-8803 as part of Tryp’s planned Healthy Human Volunteer Study, undertaken by CMAX Clinical Research in Adelaide.

Innovative psilocin formulation

TRP-8803, Tryp’s lead program alleviates a number of shortcomings of oral psilocybin therapy.

Potential advantages of Tryp’s IV-infused psilocin solution include a significant reduction in the time to onset of the psychedelic state and a more precise control of the depth and duration of the psychedelic experience.

Precise blood levels of psilocin

The trial is an open-label design, undertaken with therapist support and aims to refine and optimise dosing and infusion rates of TRP-8803.

The aim is to achieve precise blood levels of psilocin in up to 12 participants and to determine its safety prior to additional clinical studies.

Tryp said that the participant was provided with TRP-8803 on Friday, 28 June for ~140 minutes and progressed through the treatment safely.

The participant was discharged after dosing follow-up was completed.

Important initiative for Tryp

Tryp Chief Executive Officer Jason Carroll said: “The trial, which being undertaken alongside CMAX is an incredibly important initiative for Tryp, as it will provide us with data highlighting TRP-8803’s safety in humans at escalating doses.

“This will form the basis of the Company’s clinical trial pipeline into other indications and ultimately our regulatory engagement.

“The Company expects that up to 12 participants to undertake infusion over the coming weeks and we look forward to provide further updates as the trial advances.”



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