Tennant Minerals Kicks Off Major Drill Program At Bluebird Copper-Gold Discovery

Tennant Minerals Ltd (ASX:TMS) has begun a major, two-phase drill program at its Bluebird copper-gold discovery, situated within the Barkly Project in the Northern Territory.

At the outset, the initial drilling will include up to 4,500 metres of reverse circulation (RC) drilling, designed to extend the high-grade mineralisation at Bluebird – open in all directions.

Subsequently, the second phase of up to 7,500 metres of RC and diamond drilling will expand on the RC drilling program and test other identified targets for repeats of Bluebird.

To sum it up, the overall objective of this program is to grow Bluebird and identify repeats of the discovery.

The company sees the program as a “stepping stone” towards a maiden mineral resource estimate that would support a stand-alone copper-gold development project.

Built on previous success

The new program will build on Tennant’s previous success at Bluebird, which included:

  • 14.1 metres at 7.6% copper, 2.4 g/t gold, including, 2.6 metres at 18.8% copper, 12.3 g/t gold;
  • 17.95 metres at 11.1 g/t gold, 2.7% copper, including, 5.1 metres at 38.6 g/t gold 6.1% copper; and
  • 61.8 metres at 2.3% copper, 0.4 g/t gold, including, 6.8 metres at 17% copper, 0.5 g/t gold

Consequently, this has led to the delineation of significant high-grade copper and gold mineralisation over a 500-metre strike length and to a depth of more than 400 metres.

TMS CEO Vince Algar said: “Commencing this major new drilling program provides us with the opportunity to grow Bluebird in all directions as well as test for repeats of this exciting copper-gold discovery within the 2.5km strikelength Bluebird-Perseverance corridor, of which only 500m has been tested to date.”

Perseverance target

The second phase of drilling will include testing of the Perseverance target, located 1.5 kilometres west of Bluebird.

Notably, the company has been successful in obtaining an NT government “Resourcing the Territory” grant for up to 50% of the cost of a deep diamond drill hole.

Furthermore, this will test the large geophysical target downplunge and to the west of the historical Perseverance gold mine where previous high-grade gold results included up to 3 metres at 50 g/t gold.

Location of the Barkly Project and Major Historical Mines in the Tennant Creek Mineral Field

“Stepping stone” to MRE

Algar added: “We see this program as the stepping stone to defining a maiden Mineral Resource.

“We will then commence development studies into what will hopefully be an exciting new copper-gold development for Tennant Creek – which has already produced 5.5Moz of gold and 700kt of copper.

“This drilling, designed to expand Bluebird, is occurring at a time of globally rising demand for copper, and strong pricing for gold, and we hope to deliver positive results into this environment.”



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