Taruga Minerals Samples High-Grade Copper At Wyacca Project

Taruga Minerals Ltd (ASX:TAR) has reported high-grade copper results from rock chip sampling at Wyacca Copper Project, South Australia.

The sampling of the mineralised quartz, dolomite vein system at Wyacca central zone has extended the known mineralisation into areas untested by drilling.

High-grade rock chip samples include 13.6% copper from a dolomite vein and 11.5% copper from quartz veining.

Previously, the drilling focus was on the southern margins of the exposed Tindelpina shale horizon; however, these rock chips confirm the high-grade system also exists in the extended central copper zone.

Updated geological model at Wyacca

2024 has seen Taruga engage expert structural, geochemical and mineralogical reviews of the Wyacca Copper Project and implemented an expanded field mapping and sampling program.

The sampling has highlighted a central anomalous copper zone at Wyacca and demonstrated the negative association between copper and zinc enrichment.

Importantly, this highlights the possibility of a larger mineralisation event at Wyacca than initially modelled.

Geophysical data and interpretation

In addition to historical legacy datasets (airborne EM, regional magnetics and gravity) Taruga also has its own proprietary datasets including airborne magnetics, ground magnetics and ground gravity.

Identifying the chalcopyrite-dominant copper mineralisation at surface (and in drilling) in various vein types paves the way for a detailed interrogation of all data including gravity surveys.



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