Sunstone Metals Launches Pivotal Program at Limon Gold-Silver Discovery in Ecuador

Sunstone Metals Ltd (ASX: STM) is set to commence a pivotal new drilling program at the Limon epithermal gold-silver discovery.

The Limon prospect is within the Bramaderos gold-copper porphyry project, located in the Loja province of southern Ecuador.

Gold mineralisation was first discovered at the project in 1970.

Sunstone will use a diamond drilling program aimed at establishing a substantial near surface resource to build on the potential for an early development opportunity.

Drilling will target areas of known mineralisation, such as previous trenching results of 14.95 metres at 4.8g/t gold.

Watch MD Patrick Duffy

Sunstone Metals MD Patrick Duffy Speaks With JustStocks Video As Drilling Set To Commence At Limon



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