Sprintex Boosts Clean Energy Sector With $350,000 In Orders

Sprintex Limited (ASX: SIX) has announced significant developments in its clean energy sector, securing orders totaling $350,000.

Hyliion Holdings Corp (NYSE: HYLN), a leading US-based linear power generator manufacturer and sustainable electricity technology developer, has placed a substantial order worth around A$165,000 for high-speed electric compressors.

These compressors are intended for phase two of a clean energy power generation program.

In addition, Sprintex has secured A$185,000 for Phase 2 Non-Refundable Engineering fees and samples for an ongoing project, with production expected to commence in 2027 pending success.

The company has supplied sample e-compressors to over 15 global clean energy development programs, catering to initiatives involving hydrogen and non-hydrogen-fuelled projects, showcasing adaptability to various alternative fuels.

Focus on G-Series Industrial Blowers

Sprintex is prioritizing the rollout of its G-Series high-speed industrial blower range, which has gained traction in traditional industrial blower markets due to its compact size, quiet operation, lightweight design, and exceptional efficiency. The G-Series has garnered interest from sectors such as wastewater aeration, aquaculture, electronics, industrial processes, and food production.

Expanding Production Capacities

To meet growing demand, Sprintex plans to expand production facilities for the G-Series at its subsidiary, Sprintex Clean Air Malaysia in the second half of 2024.

This expansion aims to cater to increased demand from the Middle East and Indian subcontinent regions.

Commenting on these developments, Jay Upton, Sprintex Managing Director, emphasized the company’s contribution to advancing ‘hybrid’ clean energy technologies.

He highlighted the importance of efficient technologies in bridging the gap towards widespread adoption of hydrogen-fueled vehicles and machinery.

Upton also expressed excitement about the emerging applications for the G-Series, emphasizing Sprintex’s commitment to providing clean air supply devices with superior efficiency and the lowest operating costs.

Sprintex anticipates continued growth in the clean energy sector, driven by its innovative solutions and commitment to sustainability.

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