Sparc Technologies Teams with 29Metals To Trial Anti-Corrosive Additive

Sparc Technologies Ltd (ASX:SPN) has signed an agreement with leading miner 29Metals Ltd (ASX:29M) to conduct a field trial of its ‘ecosparc’ additive.

Sparc and 29Metals will conduct a trial involving the application of an ecosparc-enhanced coating on steel processing plant infrastructure at the Golden Grove mine site in Western Australia.

Collaboration with asset owners

The trial agreement with 29Metals represents a continuation of Sparc’s strategy of working with asset owners across government, defence, mining and oil & gas to demonstrate the performance of ecosparc enhanced coatings in relevant real-world environments.

This will provide Sparc and its potential customers with additional real-world performance data which will build on over 5 years of R&D.

Importantly, this agreement shows continuing market demand from the industry for better-performing anti-corrosive coatings.

External validation

Sparc Managing Director Nick O’Loughlin said: “It is highly rewarding to see our ecosparc additive incorporated into a market leading anti-corrosive paint for use on infrastructure within the mining sector.

 “The extensive internal test work that has been completed with excellent results will now be externally validated in an application and environment which is distinctly different from the recently announced trials with the South Australian Department for Infrastructure and Transport.”

Anti-corrosion additive

Ecosparc is a graphene based additive product.

The addition of very small quantities of ecosparc to conventional protective coatings has demonstrated up to 40% anti-corrosion improvement in commercially available epoxy-based coatings.

This ensures the reliability, longevity, safety and cost-effectiveness of the steel infrastructure they cover.



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