Rincon Resources’ Drilling Confirms IOCG-Style Mineralisation at West Arunta; Assays Pending

Rincon Resources Ltd (ASX: RCR) has a diamond drilling program underway at the West Arunta Project, and has now confirmed IOCG-style mineralisation.

At the Pokali prospect, the second hole has intersected multiple zones of moderate to intense magnetite alteration with quartz and sulphide mineral veining.

This contains copper sulphide and other minerals comprising chalcopyrite, bornite, chalcocite, native copper and rare visible gold.

Assays are expected in late June or early July, with results from the first hole anticipated in late May 2024.

The two holes covered a total of 1235 metres.

Visual inspection

Gary Harvey, managing director, commented:

“This second deep diamond hole was aimed at testing geophysical anomalism and the geological host rocks and mineral potential in the main Pokali gravity and magnetic anomaly trend.

“For me to witness core recovered at site containing copper related veining was special.

“Visual inspection of the drill core confirm that Pokali has potential to host a significant IOCG deposit.”

Progress at Avalon

Heritage surveying is also being organised to clear drilling sites over the Avalon carbonatite niobium and rare earth element target located to the east of Pokali.

Avalon is a gravity anomaly target having similar characteristics to the WA1 Resources Ltd’s (ASX: WA1) Luni carbonatite, located in the same geological province of Western Australia

Niobium is a critical metal with unique properties that make it essential as the world transitions to a low carbon economy.




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