Resource Mining Corporation Prepares to Drill for Copper-Gold in Tanzania

Resource Mining Corporation Ltd (ASX: RMI) is set to follow-up channel sampling that delivered 5 metres at 1.13% copper from 8 metres, which remains open.

A drilling program will now be conducted at the highly prospective Mpanda Copper-Gold Project in Tanzania.

The reverse circulation program will have an initial eight holes, and may be expanded.

Mpanda surrounds the high-grade producing Katavi Copper Mine.

Bringing the in-country experience is executive chairman, Asimwe Kabunga.

Asimwe is a Tanzanian born, Australian entrepreneur, and is on the boards of ASX listed companies including Lindian Resources Ltd (ASX: LIN), Volt Resources (ASX: VRC) and up until recently – AuKing Mining Ltd (ASX: AKN).


Tanzania has a thriving mining industry, and gold mining is a potential driver of economic development.

The country has sound national development plans, world-class infrastructure, investor-friendly policies and regulatory frameworks.

Drilling program

The inaugural drilling will be carried out in parallel with ongoing geological field mapping, trenching and auger drilling.

With the goal to locate additional high-grade targets for the current works or future programs.


Asimwe Kabunga, commented:

“Exploration results to date at the Mpanda Copper-Gold Project have been outstanding and have provided the company with numerous high-grade copper-gold targets.

“To build on this momentum the company has defined an RC drill program to test these targets and we have high expectations for positive results.”



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