Renegade Exploration Extends Mongoose Deposit With More High-Grade Copper Results

Renegade Exploration Ltd (ASX: RNX) has mapped the continuation of its Mongoose deposit with “Mongoose West” returning rock sample results up to 19.45% copper and 2.3g/t gold.

Renegade Chairman Robert Kirtlan said Mongoose was emerging as a prolific copper mineralised area.

“To be able to follow the copper mineralisation at surface for around a further 500 metres to the west of Mongoose is exceptional,” Kirtlan said.

Plan view showing Mongoose West extension from the Mongoose Deposit, previously announced rock samples are in black.

Drilling planned

Kirtlan said that the geological mapping and rock sampling by Renegade’s geological team is again delivering exploration drill targets.

This information will be evaluated alongside the upcoming processed magnetic data to finalise the RC drill planning.

Mongoose West magnetics

A ground based magnetic program planned for Mongoose West will start after the ongoing gravity program over Mongoose Deeps is completed.

This work will finalise the planning of an RC program of 1,000 – 2,000m at Mongoose West to follow the 1600-metre Mongoose Deeps diamond drill hole.

Mongoose Deposit

Mongoose is a significant deposit with high-grade copper-gold drill intersections located along strike from the neighbouring Great Australia Mines.

The project is part of the Carpentaria Joint Venture (CJV) between Glencore plc and Renegade, whose stake is currently ~29%.

In January 2023, Renegade reached an agreement with Glencore to exercise the Mongoose Project and sole risk future expenditure.

Renegade’s interest in the project will increase with expenditure.




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