Redstone Resources Plans Follow‐Up Exploration Near Tollu Copper Deposit

Redstone Resources Ltd (ASX:RDS) has planned a follow‐up copper exploration campaign near the Tollu high‐grade copper deposit.

Tollu is within Redstone’s 100%-owned West Musgrave Project in the southeast portion of the West Musgrave region of Western Australia.

Tollu has a resource of 3.8 million tonnes at 1% copper (38,000 tonnes of contained copper) and 0.01% cobalt (535 tonnes of contained cobalt).

Nearology play

The Tollu copper deposit is located 40km east of BHP’s world‐class Nebo‐Babel Ni‐Cu‐Co‐PGE deposit.

Nebo‐Babel is estimated to have a resource of 390 million tonnes grading 0.33% copper and 0.30% nickel, for 1.2 million tonnes of contained nickel metal and 1.3 million tonnes of contained copper metal.

Importantly, early exploration drilling outside the Tollu resource has highlighted the potential for a further copper mineralising system.

Near-term work programs

Redstone is currently planning near-term work programs to include further exploration, including drilling, in and around the high-grade Chatsworth and Forio prospects, which are part of the Tollu copper deposit.

The proposed exploration program also includes follow‐up drilling and evaluation activities of the thick intersection of anomalous copper discovered at the EM5 prospect and surrounding priority magnetic target areas outside of the Tollu resource.



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