Redflow Secures New Contract, Bolstering Relationship with US Department of Defense

Redflow Ltd (ASX: RFX) has signed a second contract to supply non-lithium long-duration energy storage (LDES) to the United States Department of Defense (DOD).

This 400 kWh Redflow energy storage solution will be deployed to supply backup power and provide operational resilience at the Sigonella Naval Air Station in Italy.

Redflow’s contract to supply the batteries is with Italian company Impresa Pizzarotti & C. SPA, who is responsible for the system installation.

Unique technology

The company is unique and it manufactures the world’s smallest and most scalable, commercially available, zinc-bromine flow battery.

This technology plays a key role in the clean energy transition due to its ability to store energy for extended durations, and because it is amongst the most fire-safe and sustainable batteries on the market.

Batteries are ideally suited for extreme conditions and can operate without additional cooling or heating.

There is no degradation from 10 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius.

The technology was developed in Australia, and Redflow have the capability to deliver it globally.

Stewart Air National Guard Base

In 2023 Redflow was selected to supply a 1.2 –1.4 MWh LDES solution to the DOD for the Stewart Air National Guard Base in New York state.

This was part of Redflow’s selection to participate in DIU’s Extended Duration Storage for Installations program.

The program is designed to match innovative LDES technologies to projects that demonstrate additional technological capability by providing energy resilience and power backup across the DOD’s 450+ global bases.

Growing need for non-lithium LDES

Tim Harris, managing director, commented:

“Redflow has been awarded a second contract within 12 months of our first project win, this not only reflects the strength of our solution but the growing need for non-lithium LDES solutions as businesses and governments begin to deliver solutions to reach their decarbonisation and energy resilience goals.

“Redflow will supply two of our 200 kWh Energy Pod storage solutions to the Sigonella Air Station, which will be used to assist the DOD deliver their energy resiliency objectives across its global operations.”

The company’s zinc-bromine energy storage solution was chosen over lithium options due to its unique hibernation feature, fire safe chemistry and ability to deliver safe, reliable operations.

Redflow is well-funded with $4.9 million in cash and equivalents, and no debt.

Upcoming catalysts

  • Commercial; convert near-term pipeline.
  • Manufacturing; maximise Thailand factory output and complete feasibility study for new advanced manufacturing facility in Queensland.
  • Product evolution; design, specifications and tooling for the new X10 battery designed for ease of deployment and low costs in utility-scale installations – the natural product evolution from the company’s current system.
  • Finance; progress discussions with Government grant and finance agencies.




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