Qmines’ Drilling To Focus On Expanding Develin Creek Copper Resource

QMines Ltd (ASX: QML) is preparing to start its maiden drilling program at the high-grade Develin Creek Copper Project in Queensland.

The drilling program will focus on infill and step-out drilling at the Sulphide City, Scorpion and Window deposits.

Focus on upgrading resources

QMines’ drilling program is primarily designed to infill and extend the Develin Creek resource and bring it into the Mt Chalmers mine plan.

It is worth noting that Mt Chalmers has a significant resource of 15.1 million tonnes at 1.3% copper equivalent for 195,800 tonnes of contained metal.

QMines Executive Chairman Andrew Sparke said: “Now that the Mt Chalmers Pre-Feasibility Study has been delivered, the company will focus on upgrading additional resources at the Develin Creek project whilst concurrently investigating additional satellite targets identified via the Electromagnetic survey conducted last year around Mt Chalmers.

 “These targets remain a high priority and the Company expects to expand the drilling operations at the Artillery Road prospect in Q3-2024”.

Drilling program

The drilling program planned at the Develin Creek Copper Project will include ~10,000 meters of RC drilling (60 holes).

Step-out and infill exploration drilling is included in this total with geological understanding expected to be improved as a result.

This drilling will be completed by QMines’ RC drilling rig with planned hole depths between 50 – 200 metres.

Drilling is planned to start in the coming weeks once the rainfall abates allowing rig access to the project area.



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