Pure Hydrogen Secures Supply Of Hydrogen-Fueled Waste Collection Truck from City of Newcastle

Pure Hydrogen Corporation Ltd (ASX:PH2) has executed an agreement with the City of Newcastle to supply a rear-loading hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) waste collection vehicle.

Notably, the term sheet outlines the framework for the City of Newcastle to lease the HFC waste collection vehicle and conduct a 12-month trial, with an option to extend the lease for an additional four years.

This lease arrangement marks the fifth vehicle order for HFC waste collection vehicles supplied by Pure Hydrogen in the Australian market.

Furthermore, it adds to a growing pipeline of sales contracts and vehicle trials for Pure Hydrogen’s market-leading suite of hydrogen vehicles, catering to both domestic and international customers.

Leading supplier

This agreement reinforces Pure Hydrogen’s goal of becoming the leading supplier of HFC vehicles in Australia.

Notably, the truck will run on green hydrogen, a zero-carbon energy source produced by electrolysis using water and renewable electricity.

Consequently, this aligns with sustainability goals and reducing carbon emissions in waste collection services.

In addition, it also supports the company’s efforts to spearhead the growth of associated hydrogen infrastructure.

The vehicle will be assembled by Hdrive International, a subsidiary of Pure Hydrogen, and the body will be supplied and fitted by the Australian division of global equipment provider Bucher Municipal.

About Pure Hydrogen

Pure Hydrogen is a clean energy-focused company seeking to become the leader in the development of Hydrogen and Energy Projects through the use of cutting-edge technology processes.

It plans to supply hydrogen fuel to both Australian customers and regional Asia Pacific markets, through the production of Green, Emerald, and Turquoise Hydrogen.

Concurrently, the company is developing natural gas projects directly in Australia and Botswana and through a strategic investment it holds in a Botswana- focused energy company listed on the ASX.



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