Proteomics International Signs Agreement with Oxford University to Advance PromarkerEndo Endometriosis Test

Proteomics International Laboratories Ltd (ASX: PIQ), a leading developer of protein-based diagnostic tests, today announced a key agreement with the prestigious University of Oxford to acquire approximately 600 patient plasma samples for further validation of its PromarkerEndo blood test for endometriosis.

A Promising Blood Test for Endometriosis

PromarkerEndo has already shown promising results in a previous study involving over 900 patients, with an accuracy of up to 90% in identifying endometriosis.

This biomarker panel was recently validated in an independent Australian clinical trial.

The additional patient samples obtained from the University of Oxford will be used to validate further the PromarkerEndo diagnostic model’s performance in detecting endometriosis. This collaboration is a significant step towards bringing this potentially disruptive test to the clinic.

About the Technology

The platform is a powerful alternative to traditional genetic testing. It functions as a biomarker discovery platform, analyzing protein “fingerprints” in a sample to identify proteins that differentiate between healthy individuals and those with specific diseases. This allows for the development of simple blood tests like PromarkerEndo.

A Painful and Costly Condition

Endometriosis affects an estimated one in nine women and girls, causing inflammation, and pain, and impacting fertility.

The debilitating condition can also significantly affect work, school, and social life.

While in Australia alone, the economic burden of endometriosis is estimated at $9.7 billion annually, with similar figures in the UK.

Addressing the Need for Early Diagnosis

Currently, diagnosing endometriosis often relies on invasive laparoscopy surgery.

This highlights the need for a non-invasive and more accessible method. The average diagnosis time in Australia is a staggering 7.5 years, underlining the importance of a quicker and less stressful approach.

Dr. Richard Lipscombe, Managing Director of Proteomics International, commented that this collaboration with the University of Oxford significantly advances our progress towards bringing PromarkerEndo to the clinic.

By acquiring these international samples, “we can further verify the test’s clinical performance.”

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