Prospech fields more high-grade REEs at Finnish Project

Prospech Ltd (ASX:PRS) has delivered further high-grade hard rock rare earth element (REE) assays at its Korsnäs REE Project in Southwest Finland.

Notably, the assays are derived from the company’s extensive REE sampling program using the historic Korsnäs diamond drill core.

Bolstered by these assays, Prospech is planning a 1,000-metre – 1,200-metre large-diameter hard rock core drilling program this month at the Project.

REE and Lithium Projects in Finland

Assay highlights

Prospech has delineated ‘significant’ high-grade Total Rare Earth Oxides (TREO) assay results during the sampling program.

Notably, the assay results are derived from 566 samples collected across 33 historic Korsnäs drill holes representing 937 metres of drilling.

These results are from strike and dip extensions of the Korsnäs mine zone are detailed below and include the following important results:

KR-179: 20.0m @ 7,997 ppm TREO from 62.9m

including 1.1m @ 17,429 ppm TREO from 65.0m

6.2m @ 15,435 ppm TREO from 70.1m

0.8m @ 22,107 ppm TREO from 81.1m

 KR-267: 13.9m @ 9,403 ppm TREO from 149.9m

including 8.5m @ 13,493 ppm TREO from 149.9m

SO-185: 6.8m @ 13,298 ppm TREO from 0.0m

including 1.8m @ 41,252 ppm TREO from 0.0m

SO-188: 26.1m @ 3,885 ppm TREO  from 68.4m

including 4.2m @ 11,413 ppm TREO from 86.5m

Prospech managing director Jason Beckton said:”Systematic sampling of the historical Korsnäs drill holes continues to yield impressive results.

“We have received over half of the assay results from this sampling and we have taken proactive steps to expedite the remaining assays.”

Forward plan

To expedite the receipt of the remaining assays, GTK has approved contract sampling by Palsatech Oy.

Consequently, the first batch of core boxes from the Geologic Survey of Finland (GTK) Loppi is currently being processed by Palsatech Oy.

Beckton added: “Proof-of-concept metallurgical tests are currently being conducted by Biotatec in Estonia and we plan to embark on a more comprehensive metallurgical testing program once fresh samples are obtained from the hard rock drill program scheduled for July and August 2024.”



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