Pioneer Lithium Completes Rare Earth Campaign In Brazil

Pioneer Lithium Ltd (ASX:PLN) has wrapped up an initial 300-metre exploratory auger drilling campaign at its Verde Valor Rare Earth tenements in the Bahia state of Brazil.

During the campaign, the company drilled 32 holes, reaching depths of up to 20 metres at the project.

Notably, the program aimed to delineate geological profiles and rare earth element (REE) concentrations within the exploration area.

Brazil, home to the world’s third-largest REE reserves, is poised to become a major supplier on the global stage amid efforts to reduce China’s dominance in the industry

Determining Larger Prospectivity

Pioneer executive chairman Robert Martin said: “The short and sharp auger drilling campaign provides the Company with a cost-effective method to determining the larger prospectivity of the tenements for discovering the presence of rare earth element bearing ore.

“As previously announced, the tenements contain anomalism that may coincide with REE-rich mineralised zones.

“We look forward to receiving the assay results from this round of drilling and updating the market in due course”

Project Geology

The geological survey conducted in the Verde Valor project area in the Tapiramutá region of Bahia identified several significant geological units.

Notably, these include the Paleoproterozoic Alkaline Granites of the Tapiramutá Complex, comprising syenogranite and alkali-granite facies.

Within the syenogranite facies, the geology primarily consist of K-feldspar, quartz, and plagioclase with its phaneritic texture and pinkish hue.

Meanhile, the alkali-granite facies is marked by fine uniform granulation and extensive weathering.

Furthermore, these are predominantly white and composed of quartz, K-feldspar, and albite, with kaolinized sections indicating high alteration.



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