Percheron Therapeutics Bolsters Management With New CFO

Melbourne-based biotech outfit Percheron Therapeutics Ltd (ASX:PER) has strengthened its financial leadership team with the appointment of Deborah Ambrosini as the company’s Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary.

Ambrosini brings more than twenty years of experience as a Chief Financial Officer in both private and ASX-listed companies.

The appointment comes at a time when Percheron is going through a “rapid period” of development and transformation as the company advances its pipeline to treat rare and orphan diseases with high unmet medical need.

Moving forward, Ambrosini will be responsible for communication with ASX in relation to Listing Rules matters.

PER shares have surged more than 50% in the last six months to A$0.092 with a market cap of A$82.9 million.

PER share price chart

Notable experience

A chartered accountant by training, Deborah Ambrosini brings a wealth of experience to Percheron.

She began her career at PricewaterhouseCoopers and since then she has helped to grow companies across a range of industries.

In addition to her accounting qualifications, she holds a Certificate in Governance Practice from the Governance Institute of Australia.

Ambrosini is well-versed in regulatory compliance, contract negotiation, statutory compliance, financial reporting, financial analysis and forecasting, and both debt and equity capital raising.

Her prior experience in the healthcare sector includes Cortical Dynamics Limited, Acrux Limited, and Cann Group Limited.

Welcoming Ambrosini to the team, Percheron CEO Dr James Garner said: “She brings a track record of success, a rich professional network, an impressive work ethic, and a wealth of technical experience to the company, and we look forward to working with her as we continue to implement the strategy the Board has laid out.”

Ambrosini will fill in the boots of Phillip Hains, a Partner at Acclime Group.

About Percheron

Percheron Therapeutics is focused on the development and commercialisation of novel therapies for rare diseases.

The company’s lead program is ATL1102, an antisense oligonucleotide targeting the CD49d receptor.

ATL1102 is currently the subject of an ongoing international phase IIb clinical trial for the treatment of non-ambulant patients with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), for which data is expected in the second half of this year

The company previously reported promising results from an exploratory phase IIa study of in the same population and has been awarded orphan drug designation (ODD) and rare pediatric disease designation (RPDD) by the US FDA.

PER pipeline



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