Peppermint Innovation lands major AI and CX deals

Peppermint Innovation Ltd (ASX:PIL) has secured over A$315,000 in new AI and customer experience (CX) contracts through its division, Peppermint Intelligence Limited (PINT).

PINT’s AI Readiness assessment tool is generating significant interest, driving over A$840,000 in contracts and renewals in the last six months.

Importantly, the latest batch of contracts includes a contract renewal with London Stock Exchange-listed Informa plc and a new contract with the Geneva-based Arms Trade Treaty Secretariat.

“We are now well placed to take advantage of the significant growth that is occurring in the AI sector, but not just from a third-party consulting point-of-view,” said CEO Chris Kain.

New projects

Peppermints new projects include an AI proof-of-concept aimed at improving content discovery conversion rates.

This project aims to leverage AI technology to enhance how users discover and engage with content, ultimately driving higher conversion rates for the client.

“Some of our clients are seeing 40% higher conversion rates in less than 8 weeks,” said PINT CEO Ben Fogarty

“AI Readiness” Assessment

PINT’s proprietary “AI Readiness” assessment has also generated significant interest across various UK markets.

This assessment forms a crucial part of PINT’s broader CX and Technology Discoveries offerings, providing businesses with a unique and accelerated approach to assessing AI opportunities.

Furthermore, the company is focusing on implementing these AI tools and CX initiatives across its Philippines operations as well.



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