Panther Metals Unveils Promising Coglia Nickel-Cobalt Scoping Study

Panther Metals Ltd (ASX: PNT) has unveiled strong results from its scoping study on the Coglia Nickel-Cobalt Project in Western Australia.

The study shows a net present value (NPV) discounted at 8% of A$409 million and a payback period of just 3.2 years.

Coglia is expected to generate a life of mine (LOM) cash flow of A$776.6 million over 10 years of mining.

Importantly, it has a low pre-production capex of A$376.9 million and a globally competitive all-in sustaining cost (AISC) of US$4.68/pound.

Potential for resource upgrade

The scoping study only considered 32.3 million tonnes (Mt) of the 102.8Mt nickel-cobalt resource, indicating significant potential for future expansion.

There are substantial future opportunities for the project, including the potential to upgrade the Inferred component of the resource into indicated.

It is worth noting that the project employs an environmentally friendly bio-heap leaching strategy.

This eliminates the need for a capital-intensive on-site acid plant, thus minimising upfront costs.

Sustainable processing practices

Panther Managing Director and CEO Daniel Tuffin said: “We are extremely pleased with these amazing early-stage Scoping Study outcomes.

 “These results, which are based on less than a third of the current MRE’s size, demonstrate the incredible potential of the Coglia Nickel-Cobalt Project.

 “Our planned 3.5Mtpa environmentally friendly bioleach facility not only reflects our commitment to environmental stewardship but also positions the Company as a global leader in sustainable processing practices.”



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