Orpheus Uranium Appoints Industry Specialist Clinton Dubieniecki as CEO to Spearhead Uranium Projects

Orpheus Uranium Ltd (ASX: ORP) has taken a significant stride in consolidating its position as a leading uranium explorer in South Australia and the Northern Territory by appointing the seasoned Clinton Dubieniecki as its chief executive officer.

Dubieniecki, with over 15 years of invaluable experience in the global uranium sector, is slated to assume his role in late May 2024.

His extensive background includes pivotal roles within prominent uranium enterprises, including tenure at two of Australia’s licensed uranium operations.

Most recently, Dubieniecki served as the Principal Geologist at Heathgate Resources, a key subsidiary of US-based General Atomics.

Notably, Heathgate oversees operations at the Four Mile Uranium Mine in South Australia and holds ownership of the Beverley and Beverley North uranium projects.

Dubieniecki’s expertise encompasses direct involvement in uranium production and near-mine development at facilities like Beverley and Four Mile.

His track record also includes spearheading exploration initiatives within adjacent and interstate tenures, further underscoring his leadership prowess and strategic acumen in the uranium domain.

Orpheus’s Strategic Thrust and Financial Backing

Backed by a robust financial position boasting $5 million in cash reserves, Orpheus Uranium Ltd is strategically targeting premier uranium exploration locales.

Primarily it is focused on the Frome Embayment and Pine Creek Orogen. These areas boast a rich history of uranium mining operations and are recognized as prime prospects for future resource development.

In South Australia, Orpheus strategically capitalises on the groundwork laid by previous explorers, particularly during a period of subdued uranium prices a decade ago.

Significant uranium deposits

The company’s Mundaerno Project is 12 kilometres south of Boss Energy Ltd’s (ASX: BOE) Honeymoon Uranium Mine, and hosts part of the highly prospective Yarramba Palaeochannel which holds deposits including:

Notable deposits within this region include these deposits, showcasing substantial resource potential.

  • Honeymoon Uranium Mine; 36 million pounds at 660ppm uranium;
  • Jasons Uranium Deposit; 10.7 million pounds at 790ppm uranium; and
  • Saffron Uranium Deposit; 5.4 million pounds at 557ppm uranium.

Boss recently entered into its first binding sales agreement for the supply of uranium from Honeymoon, selling 1 million pounds of uranium to a major publicly-listed US power utility over seven years commencing in 2025.

Other Orpheus projects in the state include the Frome Project which is 12 kilometres west of Boss’ Goulds Dam Uranium Deposit hosting 25 million pounds at 523ppm uranium.

The Radium Hill South Project is 20 kilometres south of the Radium Hill Uranium Field.

In the Northern Territory at the company’s Mount Douglas Project, rock chips have delivered up to 1,089ppm uranium.

The region hosts large, high-grade uranium deposits along with a historical production centre.

Additionally, Orpheus’s Frome Project, located 12 kilometres west of Boss’ Goulds Dam Uranium Deposit, and the Radium Hill South Project, situated 20 kilometers south of the Radium Hill Uranium Field, further underscore the company’s strategic footprint in South Australia’s uranium-rich terrain.

In the Northern Territory, Orpheus’s Mount Douglas Project has yielded promising results, with rock chip samples exhibiting uranium concentrations of up to 1,089ppm.

This region is renowned for its large, high-grade uranium deposits and serves as a historical production hub, presenting Orpheus with significant growth opportunities in a proven uranium-rich jurisdiction.

As Orpheus Uranium embarks on its next phase of growth under Dubieniecki’s leadership, the company is poised to capitalise on its robust financial standing and strategic project portfolio to unlock substantial value for its stakeholders and position itself as a player in the global uranium arena.

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