Orexplore Technologies Sees Positive Initial Results For Gold Detection System

Orexplore Technologies Ltd (ASX: OXT) is advancing commercial validation tests on its gold detection technology with multiple tier-1 gold mining companies.

The initial results show promise in the speed and accuracy of Orexplore’s technology compared to current sampling and laboratory processes.


Nuggety gold mines are notoriously difficult to find, design and operate, yet remain potentially highly valuable if well developed and operated.

Orexplore’s technology seeks to improve the sampling and estimation of nuggety gold deposits and help optimise mine and plant designs to improve gold extraction.

The company’s technology platform consists of the GeoCore GX10 hardware product and Orexplore Insight user interface software.

Quick results

Orexplore’s system identifies gold nuggets larger than ~100 micrometres throughout the entire core.

It also provides data to support improved operational grade control and to assist in producing more useful estimates of gold mineralisation.

The technology characterises nuggety gold within 20 minutes on-site, dramatically reducing result times.

Encouraging Initial results

Multiple tier-1 gold mining companies are currently testing the technology to confirm its effectiveness.

They are specifically focusing on comparing Orexplore’s nuggety grade results with those from conventional laboratory methods.

Initial testing has been successful, leading to an increased interest in larger-scale commercial laboratory and site-based trials.

Unlocking the value of nuggety gold deposits

The market opportunity is large as the global trend towards unlocking orebody knowledge and project techno-economics “closer to the rig” is intensifying.

Orexplore Managing Director Brett Giroud said: “As a full-core digitisation technology, we can characterise nuggety gold mineralisation within minutes at the core farm.

“These data streams can potentially support rapid site-based operational grade control processes and improve the gold characterisation to help unlock the value tied up in typically higher-risk nuggety gold deposits.”



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