NoviqTech Integrates Google AI into Carbon Central Platform

NoviqTech Ltd (ASX:NVQ) has launched a ‘significant’ enhancement to its flagship Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, Carbon Central, by integrating Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities into its carbon asset management platform.

This upgrade, driven by Google’s Gemini AI, aims to revolutionise user interaction with the platform, providing better support and efficiency for its users.

Moving forward, the new AI-powered chatbot is set to transform Carbon Central’s functionality by offering comprehensive assistance, reporting, and streamlined processes.

Digital Twin Management

Primarily, the Carbon Central chatbot is designed to simplify project setup and digital twin creation.

This intelligent assistant can perform various tasks, significantly reducing the time and effort required to manage enterprise projects.

By combining the digital twin with the chatbot, users receive step-by-step guidance for mapping real-world processes into digital twins.

Consequently, this facilitates integration with real meters and external data sources also.

What’s more, the chatbot provides valuable insights from the digital twin database, enabling users to optimise their carbon asset management.

Auditability and Transparency

Beyond project management, the chatbot enhances carbon asset management through digital twin data insights.

It assists in optimising token creation, helping users calculate tokenisation costs and offering deeper insights from the trust chain database.

This integration ensures auditability and transparency by reinforcing the project timeline of all events.

Guidance on policies and standards

The chatbot also serves as a resource for policy-related inquiries, offering insights on compliance requirements and best practices.

It is designed to support companies by providing live tutorials and walkthroughs for various features of Carbon Central.

New users will find the chatbot especially helpful, as it guides them through the setup process, providing tips and FAQs.

Existing users can leverage the chatbot to access the most up-to-date information, ensuring they remain informed on the latest policies and standards.

About NoviqTech

NoviqTech harnesses AI and distributed ledger technology to offer trusted and transparent reporting across supply chains, carbon emissions reporting, and guarantees of origin.

Notably, its brands, NoviqAI and TYMLEZ, deliver innovative technologies globally across sectors such as maritime and regenerative agriculture.

Furthermore, these solutions empower organisations to make informed decisions, track carbon emissions with precision, and validate product origin authenticity in real time.



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