Nexus Minerals Sees Potential For Copper-Gold System At Bethanga

Nexus Minerals Ltd (ASX:NXM) has received positive results from diamond drilling at Bethanga Project, Victoria.

The drill program saw three deep diamond drill holes completed for 1,516 metres.

Encouragingly, results confirm previous conclusions from the fertility study, with levels observed consistent with metal enrichment in the upper portions of a porphyry copper-gold system.

NMBGDD24-003 returned results up to 3.23g/t gold and 474ppm copper.

Potential for a Cu-Au system

Nexus Managing Director Andy Tudor said: “Receiving results marks the completion of the diamond drilling program at Bethanga Project.

“Whilst the program did not see a direct hit on the core of a Cu-Au porphyry system the results have continued to demonstrate fertility and indicate the potential presence of such a system.

“The program has offered further insight into the project and presents an opportunity to continue vectoring towards the potential potassic core where highest metal grades typically occur.

“The exploration team will continue to review the results and exploration strategy on the project.”

Busy across project portfolio

The drilling results are indicative of distal, regional chlorite-illite alteration potentially related to a magmatic hydrothermal system.

The company remains busy across its project portfolio with the exploration opportunity at Bethanga to compete against other opportunities.

These include a significant critical minerals project in NSW and the Wallbrook Project in WA where drill programs are currently in progress.

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