Nexus Minerals Concludes Diamond Drilling At Crusader-Templar Deposit

Nexus Minerals Ltd (ASX:NXM) has completed a diamond drilling program at the Crusader-Templar deposit within its Wallbrook Gold Project in Western Australia.

The program focussed on de-risking key aspects of the project following on from the successful mine studies.

An aircore program has now started to systematically assess four shallow priority regional targets in line with the company’s exploration strategy.

Initial results for both programs are expected from late July through August.

Confidence in resource update

Nexus Managing Director Andy Tudor said: “All planned diamond holes at the Crusader-Templar deposit have been successfully completed and it’s been great to see targets intercepted as planned.

“This confirms confidence in our recent resource update and is testament to the hard work of the technical team.

“We continue to drive forwards with the various study work to support mine planning.”

Facilitating key studies

The diamond drilling program consisted of 13 holes totalling 1,473 metres, which all successfully intercepted planned targets.

Intercepting the mineralised zones at planned depths and widths provides further validation of the modelling work completed in the most recent resource update.

Nexus is using the diamond program to facilitate key studies following on from the successful scoping study.

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These studies include water monitoring, metallurgical test work, geotechnical assessment and waste rock characterisation.

The drill core is currently being cut and sampled, with results expected in late July.

Regional aircore drilling program

A regional aircore drill program has started at Wallbrook and will continue through July, targeting four new prospects across four mineralised corridors.

These priority targets offer near-surface opportunities to efficiently expand the project’s ounce portfolio, aligning with the company’s exploration strategy.

The program involves drilling ~10,000 metres and is scheduled for completion by the end of July.

Opportunity for discoveries

Tudor added: “In addition to our successful diamond program, the regional aircore program is now underway.

“This program tests the first 4 of 17 regional targets identified for first pass aircore drill testing.

“We strongly believe in the opportunity at Wallbrook Project, with the project holding strong technical and commercial fundamentals.

“With regional drilling underway there is significant excitement around the opportunity for further shallow discoveries.”



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