Nanoveu Teams Up With NTU To Enhance Mobile 3D Platform

Nanoveu Ltd (ASX: NVU) has entered into a licensing agreement with Nanyang Technology University (NTU) to use NTU’s proprietary AI processing software.

The software improves the conversion of 2D images and video into compelling 3D content, viewable on Nanoveu’s EyeFly3D platform.

EyeFly3D brings immersive 3D viewing experiences, eliminating the need for glasses when the EyeFly3D screen protector is applied on smartphones or tablets.

Improving quality of visual content

Integration of NTU’s AI software is expected to significantly expand the variety and quality of visual content available on the EyeFly3D platform, increasing its marketability and consumer appeal.

Nanoveu will seek to use a novel approach developed by NTU to blind face restoration, leveraging a learned codebook and transformer-based prediction network.

This will generate high-quality faces from degraded inputs, outperforming existing methods in both quality and fidelity.

The new algorithms will be used in combination with Nanoveu’s suite of proprietary algorithms, which is currently being enhanced.

EyeFly3D platform

The EyeFly3D platform is complemented by proprietary developed software and apps.

Users are given access to a variety of glasses-free 3D content via the library within the app.

Nanoveu’s 3D screen protector, measuring less than 0.1mm in thickness boasts approximately half a million lenses crafted from scratch-resistant nano-glass.

Over the past six months, Nanoveu’s manufacturing partner has improved this with the creation of a dual stacked lens, to rid inherent distortion when viewed in 3D.



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