Nanoveu Secures A$2.25M As Eyefly3D Products Gain Traction

Nanoveu Ltd (ASX: NVU) has secured firm commitments to raise A$2.25 million from sophisticated and professional investors in an oversubscribed placement.

The shares will be issued at A$0.026 each with free attaching options on a 1-for-1 basis, exercisable at A$0.05 before 31 December 2026.

Nanoveu Chairman Dr David Pevcic has subscribed for A$300,000 in the placement, subject to shareholder approval.

South Korea distribution agreement

The placement follows the signing of an agreement with Rahum Nanotech to distribute Eyefly3D in South Korea.

Rahum is required to fulfil minimum orders of USD$19.725 million (~A$29.64 million) by 31 December 2026 in order to maintain exclusivity.

EyeFly3D brings immersive 3D viewing experiences, eliminating the need for glasses when the EyeFly3D screen protector is applied on smartphones or tablets.

“A time of significant growth”

Nanoveu Managing Director and CEO Alfred Chong said: “We are delighted with the support for the upsized Placement from new and existing shareholders, during a time of significant growth at Nanoveu.

 “With the proceeds of this capital raise, Nanoveu is now well-funded to support the development of our enhanced EyeFly3D products, now supported by the newly executed joint venture agreement and large exclusive distribution agreements in South Korea.

 “The placement also allows us to improve our 2D to 3D image conversion capabilities using advanced AI monocular depth estimation models.”

Nanoshield Solar

The company’s Nanoshield Solar is a liquid glass hydrophobic coating that inhibits dirt, sand adherence, biofilms and algae growth on solar panels.

Nanoveu is advancing proof-of-concept (POC) trials for Nanoshield Solar with ACWA Power and Sembcorp Solar.

“The funds will further support commercialisation efforts for our Nanoshield Solar product line including the completion of our testing program with large solar infrastructure operators including ACWA Power and Sembcorp with operations in the UAE, Morocco and Singapore,” added Chong.

Licensing deal with NTU

In April, Nanoveu entered into a licensing agreement with Nanyang Technology University (NTU) to use NTU’s proprietary AI processing software.

Read: Nanoveu Teams Up With NTU To Enhance Mobile 3D Platform

The software improves the conversion of 2D images and video into compelling 3D content, viewable on Nanoveu’s EyeFly3D platform.



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