Nanollose Secures Indian Patent For Lyocell Fibre Technology

Nanollose Ltd (ASX: NC6) has been granted a patent for ‘A High Tenacity Regenerated Cellulosic Fiber’ by the Indian Patent Office.

The joint patent application with Grasim Industries relates to Nanollose’s innovative Nullarbor lyocell fibre technology.

Notably, this is the first granted patent for the Nullarbor technology.

Related patent applications are still pending in other major jurisdictions and this grant by the Indian Patent Office augurs well for them.

“Tree-free” fibres

In January 2020, Nanollose signed a collaboration agreement with Grasim Industries, a subsidiary of global conglomerate Aditya Birla Group.

Aditya Birla is one of the world’s largest man-made cellulosic fibre producers.

Grasim and Nanollose will develop and commercialise Nanollose’s tree-free fibres including Nullarbor and Nufolium.

In January 2021, the companies filed a joint patent application which resulted in this granted patent.

Testing and evaluation

The technology disclosed by the patent has now been validated in three successful pilot production runs totalling over a tonne of fibre.

Quantities of these fibres have since been sent to several collaborators and been converted into yarns, fabrics, and garments for testing and evaluation, prior to potential uptake by partners.

Validation of the technology

Nanollose Executive Chairman Dr Wayne Best said: “This is the first granted patent for our Nullarbor lyocell technology and the first with our fibre partner Grasim Industries.

“In addition to validating the novelty of our technology it provides protection from competition in India and further de-risks our collaboration with Birla Cellulose.”



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