Nanollose Ltd Validated for Sustainable Textile Technology in Fashion For Good Program

Nanollose Ltd (ASX: NC6) has been selected as one of ten companies to participate in Fashion For Good’s prestigious 2024 Innovation Program.

This achievement validates Nanollose’s innovative and sustainable fibre technology, positioning them for significant growth within the global textile industry.

Following a competitive selection process, Nanollose stood out among industry contenders.

Fashion For Good, a leading advocate for sustainable fashion practices, recognized the potential of Nanollose’s technology to revolutionize textile manufacturing.

Accelerating Market Entry Through Collaboration

The nine-month program offers an invaluable opportunity for Nanollose.

They will gain access to Fashion For Good’s extensive network of industry experts, brands, retailers, manufacturers, and potential investors.

This collaboration will significantly accelerate Nanollose’s efforts in bringing their sustainable solutions to market.

Sustainable Fibres for a Greener Future

Nanollose is pioneering scalable technology to create eco-friendly fibres, fabrics, and other materials.

Their core innovation lies in a world-first process that utilizes industrial organic and agricultural waste to cultivate microbial cellulose.

This cellulose is then transformed into rayon fibres, eliminating the need for deforestation, arable land usage, and resource-intensive practices like irrigation and pesticide application.

Revolutionising Cellulose Production

Cellulose is, a versatile material used in various products like cotton and linen textiles.

However, it is traditionally produced with significant environmental impact.

Nanollose’s approach offers a game-changing alternative, promoting a more sustainable future for the textile industry.

Dr. Wayne Best, Chairman of Nanollose, emphasized the program’s significance:

“The opportunity to connect with Fashion For Good’s network is invaluable. This will undoubtedly accelerate the commercialization of our product suite, propelling us forward in our growth trajectory.”

Product Portfolio

Nanollose boasts two distinct product offerings:

  • Nullarbor Tree-Free Lyocell: This revolutionary fiber has already been used to create the first-ever garment made from tree-free lyocell, demonstrating its real-world applicability.
  • Jelli GrowTM: This innovative product serves as a sustainable and organic alternative to traditional seed germination and plant-growing materials. Made from Nanollose’s tree-free microbial cellulose, Jelli Grow is both edible and biodegradable.

By participating in Fashion For Good’s Innovation Program, Nanollose is poised to make strides in the textile industry.

Their sustainable solutions hold immense promise for a greener future.

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