Mindax Study Shows Potential Of Mid-West Shared Infrastructure Project

Mindax Ltd (ASX: MDX) completed the phase two study for its Mid-West Shared Infrastructure Project (MWSIP) in the March quarter.

The study showed the viability of developing infrastructure to allow miners in the Mid-West to transport magnetite ore to the port for export.

Mindax Chairman Benjamin Chow said: “The study summarises and confirms almost a year of meticulous work, providing a robust foundation for the Mid-West Shared Infrastructure Project, which is intended to support the future development of the company’s Mt Forrest magnetite iron ore mine”.

Engineering and cost viability

Mindax’s study findings confirm MWSIP’s engineering and cost viability for delivering 30 Mtpa of processed magnetite iron ore to ocean-going vessels via the Oakajee Port.

Assessed as part of the study, MWSIP includes a magnetite iron ore slurry pipeline, a gas pipeline, a water pipeline and a desalination plant.

MWSIP also features a concentrate drying and storage, a barge transport system, a communication cable and a hybrid power plant.

These will enable safe and efficient transport of high-grade magnetite iron ore from Mt Forrest to the port for export to global markets.

What’s next?

Mindax is strategically positioned to develop its Mt Forrest magnetite iron ore project in the Yilgarn province.

Following the encouraging study results, Mindax will now explore potential pathways to advance the project to its next phase.




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