Microba Life Sciences Launches First Gastrointestinal Diagnostic Pathogen Test with Sonic Healthcare

Microba Life Sciences Ltd (ASX: MAP) has launched a gastrointestinal pathogen test, MetaPanel, into the Australian market with $13.5B capped Sonic Healthcare Ltd (ASX: SHL).

Gut discomfort is experienced at least once a year by much of the population. A common cause is an infection with a gastrointestinal pathogen.

There are plans to deliver Microba’s testing products into additional markets across the globe.

Under the agreement with Sonic, distribution of the pathogen test MetaPanel™ is through the wholly-owned subsidiary Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology Labs.

There has not been a major disruption to this diagnostic category since Polymerase Chain Tests began clinical use in the 1990s.

MetaPanel is a world-first accredited metagenomic diagnostic test for diagnosing common and difficult-to-identify gastrointestinal pathogens causing infection.

Existing tests are only able to diagnose 10-22 pathogens, often leading to misdiagnosis or underdiagnosis.

The panel covers 175 pathogen targets in a single test.

The test was developed over many years together with clinical microbiologists and infectious disease experts including the Sonic Healthcare Douglass Hanly Moir team.

The launch of MetaPanel, taken together with the launch of MetaXplore last year, has now solidified Microba’s strategic advancement into a medical diagnostics company.

To highlight the difference between these products, MetaPanel is a gastrointestinal pathogen test, while MetaXplore is a gastrointestinal disorder test.

Each year there are an estimated 17 million cases of gastrointestinal pathogen illness in Australia.


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