Micro-X Ltd Receives Order From Middle East for X-ray Unit

Micro-X Ltd (ASX: MX1) has received its first commercial purchase order for an Argus X-ray Camera unit from a Middle Eastern defence and security company.

Financial details of the order were not disclosed.

The unit delivers high-definition bomb imaging without a separate detector, which enables remote / stand-off use, keeping an operator safely away from the threat.

The device is designed to enable defence, security, and law enforcement to detect IEDs and other threats, as well as search for concealed contraband.

Delivery of the unit will occur within the customary delivery cycle, following the final safety compliance certification for the Argus which is close to completion.

Argus provides one-sided imaging which provides imaging of otherwise inaccessible targets.

It is the only robot deployable system to capture backscatter images remotely and weighs less than 20 kilograms with a range of over 1,500 metres.

The receipt of the commercial order follows the Micro-X specialist Argus sales team presenting at a major regional security expo as part of Team Defence Australia, facilitated by the Australian Government’s Australian Defence Export Office.

Micro-X continues to provide live demonstrations of the potential of Argus with security and defence customers, building product awareness and an international sales pipeline.

Forward pathway

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has contracted Micro-X to design a next-generation Airport security checkpoint.

A miniature brain CT imager for pre-hospital stroke diagnosis in ambulances is being developed with funding from the Australian Government’s Medical Research Future Fund.

Checkpoints project

The company has also been awarded the full US$0.6 million (A$0.92 million) contract extension by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for the development of AI software to automate threat detection in the Baggage CT Scanner.

This extends the original contract extension of up to US$0.32 million (A$0.49 million) over 10 months announced in the company’s December quarterly activities report.

The full contract extension now also includes the optional US$0.28 million (A$0.43 million) extension of data collection and software refinement into explosives detection.

The checkpoints and baggage scanners are used for security checks in a range of environments for passport, body, and baggage scanning.

Micro-X is well-funded with $5.3 million in cash and no debt, with an additional $5.4 million of inventory.


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