Macro Metals Rock Chip Sampling Confirms Iron Ore Potential

Macro Metals Ltd (ASX: M4M) has promising results from rock chip sampling at the Callisto and Europa Prospects within its Cane Bore Project in Western Australia.

The sampling program aimed to quantify the specifications of the Channel Iron type mineralisation exposed at surface.

The following are the results of the rock chip samples collected from the prospects (with no cutoff grade):

Callisto Prospect

Europa Prospect

Potential for saleable ore

The results indicate a strong degree of consistency of mineralisation throughout the samples collected coupled with a low deleterious element profile, and in particular, very low levels of phosphorus.

Importantly, the results are of similar specifications to other CID (channel iron deposit) projects in the Pilbara region.

The preliminary specification is encouraging as it suggests the saleable ore will be a marketable product in its own right.

Moreover, it could be ideal for blending with other iron ore products to create a more attractive product with lower overall deleterious element contents.

“Highly encouraging results”

Macro Metals Technical Director Rob Jewson said: “I am really pleased to see these highly encouraging results from the systematic rock chip sampling our field team completed across the two primary mesa targets at our Cane Bore Project.

“Visually, the Callisto and Europa Prospects are quite impressive, rising above the surrounding landscape by some 25-30m.”

What’s next?

A program of works has been approved by the DEMIRS for the drilling of the Callisto and Europa Prospects.

Meanwhile, an archaeological and anthropological survey is scheduled to commence next week.

This is the last step of the permitting process prior to being fully permitted for drilling.

Macro Metals has engaged an RC drill contractor to mobilise and start the drilling program in June 2024.

Importantly, the results from the rock chip campaign have given the board sufficient confidence to increase the scale of the drilling program.

The drill spacing has been increased to 50m x 50m spacing, with the aim to define a maiden Indicated Mineral Resource.



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