M3 Mining Discovers Copper Occurrences At Victoria Bore Project

M3 Mining Ltd (ASX: M3M) has found historical copper workings from a soil sampling program at the Victoria Bore Project in Western Australia.

They are located ~3km to the southeast (along the same magnetic trend) of the historical Victoria Bore Copper Mine.

Strike length of 600 metres

The fourteen unrecorded historical workings were discovered across a strike length of 600 metres, all containing remnant copper oxides.

M3 confirmed the presence of copper by portable x-ray fluorescence (pXRF).

Grab samples have been obtained from all sites in addition to other copper occurrences that were found between the workings.

Results expected this quarter

These samples are currently being dispatched to independent laboratories in Perth with results expected later in the current quarter.

M3 Executive Director Simon Eley said: “M3 Mining is thrilled to share that additional copper oxide occurrences have been found 3km to the southeast of the historic Victoria Bore Copper Mine which produced high grade copper averaging circa 32.7% Cu for 62.5t of copper.

“These workings were not previously recorded and were ‘rediscovered’ by a recent pXRF soil sampling program.”

Significant finding

Eley noted that the significance of finding further historical copper workings at Victoria Bore cannot be understated.

The team will now focus on identifying the scale and nature of the copper mineralisation across the 600-metre extent where the fourteen workings were found.

The importance of copper continues to grow and is expected to remain a critical commodity moving forward.

Copper again briefly crossed the US$10,000 a tonne mark this week as Goldman Sachs warned of intensifying supply stress.



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