Lightning Minerals’ MD Alex Biggs Confirms Potential of Brazilian Acquisitions in Lithium Valley

Lightning Minerals Ltd’s (ASX:L1M) managing director, Alex Biggs, has been on the ground in Brazil reviewing the company’s recent acquisition.

The site visit was to the Caraíbas and Sidrônio projects, located in what is known as the Lithium Valley.

100% of Brazil’s known lithium reserves are in Minas Gerais, including those held by Latin Resources (ASX:LRS), Lithium Ionic Corp (TSXV:LTH), and Sigma Lithium (NASDAQ:SGML).

Also worth noting, Brazil has the third-largest rare earth reserves in the world.

The country has been exploring its rare earth resources, and there are ongoing efforts to develop these reserves into commercially viable operations.

Site visit details

Biggs commented:

“Not only has potential prospectivity been confirmed for both projects we have also taken the opportunity to further build our relationships here in Brazil.

“The Lithium Valley is a highly prolific region for lithium mineralisation and is a globally significant province.”

The company’s representatives have now completed the first reconnaissance field investigation at Caraíbas and Sidrônio.

The team were accompanied by Brazilian contract geologists with extensive local lithium experience and knowledge of the Salinas region.

Next steps

Next up will be geological mapping and sampling, along with stream sediment sampling and outcrop geology mapping campaigns.

Drill target identification and drilling will form part of the plan for the larger tenement areas that are considered to have high prospectivity.



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