Kula Gold Ready To Drill At Nearology Play In Western Australia

Kula Gold Ltd (ASX: KGD) is set to begin drilling at the Boomerang Gold Prospect following the receipt of positive geochemical sampling results.

The results have enhanced the previously defined gold anomaly at Boomerang within the Marvel Loch Project near Southern Cross in Western Australia.

Notably, Kula’s second round of close-spaced ultra fine fraction (UFF) soil sampling has enhanced the Boomerang gold anomaly to over 200 metres in length.

Nearology play

Boomerang is north of the Nevoria Gold Mine (+600,000 ounces gold), east of the circa 2.4million ounces Marvel Loch Gold Mine and west of the Mt Palmer Gold Mine (+150,000 ounces gold) all of which produced gold at more than 4 grams/tonne.

Kula Managing Director Ric Dawson said: “The second round of geochemistry has tightened up the gold soil anomaly for this very promising target in a proven mining district, Kula Gold has a RC rig mobilising to site, preliminary drill locations have been marked and will commence drilling over the next few days.”

Dawson believes there is further gold exploration potential in Kula’s large 120+ square kilometre landholding.

Additional gold prospects

The Kula Gold team is continuing to further develop existing gold prospects in the Marvel Loch Project.

These include Stingray Prospect, Crayfish Prospect, Nevoria North Prospect and G-Star Prospect.

Meanwhile, results from recent UFF soil programs (gold and multi-element) will be reported in due course.




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