Kingsgate Consolidated Drills More Gold Ahead Of Chatree Plant Commissioning

Kingsgate Consolidated Ltd (ASX: KCN) has intersected significant gold and silver from drilling near its Chatree Gold Mine in Thailand.

Concurrently, the Plant #1 Overhaul Project at Chatree will be completed this week with full commissioning expected soon.

Jorakae and Kumpee drilling

Significant gold and silver were intersected in the Jorakae and Kumpee prospects, 7km northeast and 2- 3km east respectively of the Chatree Gold Mine.

Results at Jorakae include 19 metres at 1.18 g/t gold from 20 metres and 7 metres at 0.67 g/t gold from 42 metres.

At the Kumpee prospect, significant intersections include 4 metres at 3.09 g/t gold from 59 metres.

The drilling results indicate that the mineralisation zones are generally medium-grade gold with narrow, high-grade zones up to 15.40 g/t gold.

New mining equipment

The first tranche of new mining equipment arrived at Chatree recently which has been assembled and commissioned.

These include five 777 trucks, two D8 dozers and a 395 excavator.

Staff are currently being trained on this new equipment by the authorised Caterpillar dealer in Thailand.

Operational milestone

Kingsgate recently reached a key milestone that has seen 3 million dry tonnes milled, crushed, and handled since operations recommenced in March 2023.

Rob Kinnaird, General Manager, Operations said: “It’s an exciting time at Chatree, with full commissioning of Plant #1 about to start coinciding with the first delivery of the new Caterpillar equipment.

 “The Operations Team is looking forward to putting this new kit to work and putting Plant #1 through its paces”.

 At the end of December 2023, Kingsgate had cash of A$9.75 million.




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