Kinetiko Energy Generates Power From Onshore Gas Well

Kinetiko Energy Ltd (ASX: KKO) has successfully demonstrated power production from a gas well, a first of its kind in South Africa.

The gas was produced from a well which is part of a 5-well cluster at the Amersfoort Project in the Mpumalanga Province.

Gas-to-Power demonstration

On 5 May 2024, natural gas, supplied by a single well, Korhaan-1, ran a gas generator linked to a newly built gas train.

Gas generator powering on gas flow from Korhaan-1.

The gas generator was a 12-cylinder CAT, capable of 1.2MW output supplied by Barloworld of Johannesburg.

Importantly, this pioneering demonstration proves the ability of Kinetiko’s high-quality natural gas to be utilised commercially.

The calibrated gas quality meter measured close to 99% methane and 1% nitrogen during the flow periods.

Pioneers of onshore Gas To Power

Kinetiko CEO Nick de Blocq said: “We have spent the last few months working hard to demonstrate the Company’s ability to generate power from our natural gas at its Amersfoort project in Mpumalanga.

 “We obtained respected, professional engineering and equipment suppliers to support this project and we are absolutely thrilled to have become the pioneers of onshore Gas To Power (GTP) from a local, conventional source, which represents another significant milestone for the Company, establishing it as a proven solution within the energy mix planned to alleviate South Africa’s energy crisis.”

MoU with FFS Refiners

The trial is part of Kinetiko’s MoU with FFS Refiners to co-develop and co-fund gas production fields in South Africa.

Kinetiko has worked alongside and shared costs with FFS to complete the demonstration of GTP.

With the proof-of-concept GTP completed, the parties intend to progress in their collaboration to develop an LNG production field.

Moreover, the successful GTP demonstration primes Kinetiko’s plans to expand the Korhaan cluster of 5 wells to develop an LNG production cluster of ~25 more wells.



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