Kalgoorlie Gold Mining Drills Thick, Shallow Gold At Pinjin Project

Kalgoorlie Gold Mining Ltd (ASX: KAL) has discovered extensive, thick gold mineralisation from air core drilling at the Wessex target.

Wessex is within the Pinjin Project, around 140 km northeast of Kalgoorlie-Boulder in Western Australia.

Highlight results include:

  • 28m (metres) at 1.27 g/t Au (gold) from 36m including 8m at 2.15 g/t Au from 56m; and
  • 12m at 1.17 g/t Au from 52m including 4m at 3.07 g/t Au from 56m.

Shallow gold mineralisation

These results are exceptional for aircore drilling, illustrating the potential of KalGold’s Pinjin Project at the southern end of the Pinjin Goldfield.

KalGold Managing Director Matt Painter said: “KalGold’s drill program at its Wessex prospect has delivered excellent results.

“Thick, coherent zones of shallow gold mineralisation were defined across the tenement boundary from historically recorded gold anomalism.”

Follow-up drilling

Painter noted that the shape, geometry, and style of gold mineralisation at Wessex displays parallels with Hawthorn Resources’ neighbouring Anglo Saxon gold deposit, located less than 1 km to the northeast.

Mineralisation at Wessex is open along strike both to the north and south, and down-dip to the east.

The discovery at Wessex requires follow-up drilling to define the full extent of the mineralisation footprint.

KalGold is planning to undertake follow-up aircore and RC drilling.



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