Island Pharmaceuticals Reports Positive Data For ISLA-101 In Dengue Fever Study

Island Pharmaceuticals Ltd (ASX: ILA) has revealed highly encouraging pharmacokinetics (PK) data from its ISLA-101 Single Ascending Dose study.

ISLA-101 is a well-known drug candidate, being repurposed for the prevention and treatment of dengue fever and other mosquito-borne diseases.

Importantly, data analysis shows that following a single dose, ISLA-101 achieved blood concentrations demonstrated to be effective against dengue infections.

This is significant because the concentration is expected to increase with multiple days of dosing, which is currently being examined.

Critical for establishing dosing regimens

The data from this 24-subject study is critical for determining how the drug acts in the body and for establishing appropriate dosing regimens for Island’s planned Phase 2a clinical trial.

Reinforcing the drug’s safety and tolerability, in this study, Island dosed at levels equivalent to up to 10x the dose given in successful preclinical animal models.

Island Pharmaceuticals CEO Dr David Foster said: “We are very pleased with the outcomes of this study.

“It not only confirms we have an appropriate plan as we head toward Phase 2, but it has helped to build our experience with the drug, manufactured at today’s standards and in a modern clinical setting.”

A$1.95 million rights issue

Last month, the antiviral drug development company raised A$1.95 via a fully underwritten rights issue at A$0.06 per share.

Funds raised will be used to analyse the Phase 1 dose and prepare for the planned Phase 2 clinical trial (PEACH study).

The rights issue included options and piggyback options which can raise up to a further A$3.9 million if exercised.

If the options are exercised, those funds will advance Island’s Phase 2 efficacy study for ISLA-101 in dengue fever, marking a potentially transformative period for the company.




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