Intra Energy Set To Drill For Lithium, Gold At Maggie Hays Hill

Intra Energy Corporation Ltd (ASX:IEC) has completed a heritage survey at its high-priority Maggie Hays Hill (MHH) Project in Western Australia.

MHH, located in the Lake Johnston Greenstone Belt, encompasses the 2.5-kilometre-long Southern pegmatite lithium target, and the central and northern gold targets.

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Next steps

The completed survey, focusing primarily on the southern pegmatite lithium target – a notable soil and outcrop anomaly akin to the recent Burmeister spodumene discovery, is a critical step forward in the company’s exploration strategy.

The survey facilitates the forthcoming 2,000-metre RC drilling program aimed at discovering spodumene and/or gold deposits.

MD Comments

IEC Managing Director Ben Dunn said: “Pending the final report, this survey has the potential to enable the company to start drilling at the project in a few weeks’ time.

“Early success from the program would allow us to keep drilling uninterrupted for next 6-12 months.

“The company has planned a 2,000m RC drilling program, agreed terms with a drilling contractor and is in the process of finalising the drilling contract.”

Maggie Hays Hill Project

The MHH Project (80% Intra-owned) is adjacent to the Maggie Hays and Emily Anne nickel mines (Poseidon Nickel Ltd) and camp at Windy Hill.

MHH is prospective for lithium, nickel and gold.

It is 25 kilometres north of two separate spodumene lithium discoveries at TG Metals Ltd’s (ASX:TG6) Burmeister Hill and Charger Metals Ltd’s (ASX:CHR) Lake Medcalf.

Recently, Rio Tinto Ltd (ASX:RIO) farmed into the Charger Metals tenements in the region, and in a related transaction, Charger Metals has acquired all of Lithium Australia Ltd’s (ASX:LIT) interests in their joint venture tenements.



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