International Graphite Secures A$6.5 Million Grant For Downstream Graphite Plant

International Graphite Ltd (ASX: IG6) has secured an additional A$6.5 million grant from the Western Australian Government to establish Australia’s first downstream graphite processing plant.

This grant follows two years of establishment work and brings IG6’s total funding from the State’s Collie Just Transition Program to A$8.5 million.

The award was announced by WA Premier the Hon. Roger Cook during the Collie Industry Transition Expo on 20 April 2024.

Graphite micronising operation

Grant funding will be used to advance International Graphite’s plans for a 4,000 tpa commercial-scale graphite micronising operation at Collie.

It will also progress the design of downstream battery anode facilities, and mine-to-market battery anode feasibility work for processing of graphite concentrate feed from IG6’s Springdale Graphite Project.

Collie Transition Package

The latest grant is from the Collie Industrial Transition Fund (CITF), which forms part of the WA Government’s A$547.4 million Collie Transition Package.

IG6 was one of the first grant recipients receiving $2.0 million from the affiliated Collie Futures Industry Development Fund (CFIDF) in July 2021.

Strategy to produce battery anode materials

The establishment of a micronising plant is an important initial step in IG6’s strategy to produce advanced battery anode materials.

This will be produced using graphite concentrates from mining operations at its Springdale Graphite Project in Western Australia.

Initially, the micronising plant will use concentrate feed sourced from third parties.

This will enable IG6 to generate cashflow ahead of the launch of its integrated Springdale-Collie operations.

Critical material for battery technologies

Micronised graphite is a critical conductive additive in the cathode of lithium-ion batteries.

Moreover, it is the first stage in producing battery anode material for electric vehicles and green energy storage.

It is also used in many industrial products, including lubricants, polymers, plastics and ceramics.



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