INOVIQ Shares Surge On Positive In-Vitro Exosome Therapy Results For Breast Cancer

INOVIQ Ltd (ASX: IIQ) shares surged ~40% higher intra-day after successfully producing and isolating engineered exosomes (EEVs) that target and kill breast cancer cells in vitro.

In a proof-of-concept study, a breast cancer-targeting protein (a chimeric antigen receptor, CAR) was expressed in exosomes released by immune cells.

The modified exosomes were isolated and concentrated from immune cell-conditioned media using INOVIQ’s proprietary EXO-ACE technology.

Positive outcome

EXO-ACE recovered more than 80% of exosomes from cell-conditioned media with over 95% purity.

When treated with these exosomes, 75% of breast cancer cells underwent cell death within 72 hours.

Based on these significant results, INOVIQ will now progress its exosome therapeutics program, initially focusing on immune-cell derived exosome therapeutics for metastatic breast and ovarian cancers.

“Effective cancer therapy”

INOVIQ CEO Leearne Hinch said: “INOVIQ has established core capabilities in-house to engineer, load and produce exosomes for therapeutic applications.

“These data highlight the potential of immune-cell derived exosomes as an effective cancer therapy and the potential for RNA drug-loaded exosome therapeutics.”

 Promega distribution deal

In April, INOVIQ partnered with Promega Corporation to unlock the commercial potential of exosomes for research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

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This agreement will leverage INOVIQ’s EXO-NET pan-exosome capture tool and Promega’s expertise in nucleic acid purification systems.

Building upon last year’s successful co-marketing agreement, the three-year deal extends the commercial relationship between INOVIQ and Promega.



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